Is Rally MG a Fit for You?

We are experienced business mentors and strategy consultants focused on helping first-time owners of service-based businesses (e.g. businesses that provide a service based on specialized knowledge) discover their unique purpose and scale beyond seven-figures in annual revenue.

As prior business owners, we’ve done what less than 1% of all businesses every accomplish - grow beyond $10 million in annual revenue.

Here is some information that may help you understand if Rally MG is a fit for your project. If you meet these criteria, it’s likely that we can help.

  1. I’m looking for ways to truly become unique.

    If you are open to exploring business models that deviate from what your competitors are doing in order to absolutely delight your customers, you’re in the right place. We pride ourselves on challenging the status quo; instead, designing services and solutions that customers truly care about and will gladly pay a premium to obtain.

    You’ve taken the risk to start your own business, shouldn’t you reap the reward by commanding top dollar and working with customers that appreciate your impact?

  2. My budget is aligned with my expectations.

    No doubt there are many consulting firms that are capable of helping your company grow that may be less costly than we are, however, our fees are aligned with the results we help you achieve.

    You don’t pay for the hours or effort we put forth, you pay for the results achieved. That’s our PROMISE to you. This ensures incentives are aligned and everyone works together to maximize the value created.

    The outcome is a strategic plan and tactics designed to propel your service-based business forward. Given that our process is robust and critical to the success of our engagements, consulting projects have budgets starting around US$15,000 ranging up to six figures.

    Alternatively, if it fits your requirements and expectations, we also offer one-on-one business coaching that starts at US$1,249 per month and we typically recommend 6-12 months of commitment.

  3. I’m looking for a long-term partner.

    Rally MG is staffed and structured to provide ongoing mentoring and consulting support. While some consulting firms might walk away once a specific engagement is complete, we offer on-going support through our coaching services and on-demand executive services.

    We prefer to remain available to ensure that long-term expectations are met and your business is able to handle future opportunities and address new hurdles.

Do we sound like a fit? Let’s work together.