How does your business stack up?

Find out with a business assessment from Rally MG.

We evaluate your Service Based Business across several fundamental dimensions, benchmarking your business against similar businesses and industry rules of thumb. Where we stand apart is our emphasis on innovation - what you do that differs from your peers and how customers benefit as a result.


Financial Health

It’s nearly impossible to have a healthy business without first understanding how finances work. We evaluate your business on a number of dimensions:

  • How strong is your cash flow? Are there peaks and valleys or do you have a steady drip?

  • How long does it take to get paid? What are your payment terms and are they honored?

  • What management systems are you leveraging or are spreadsheets ruling the day?

  • How much are you spending on a variety of expenses? How do you compare against similar types of businesses?

Service Delivery

It’s all too common to see service-based businesses offering anything a customer requests. It feels intuitive to be “full-service” yet that is typically the wrong move. Instead, defining what you will do and how you will do it, will make you more nimble, impactful, and help you set expectations for new and existing customers. Most of our analysis centers around these dimensions:

  • How do customers work with you? Do you set clear expectations up front?

  • What do you do and how do you do it? Are you consistent across your teams?

  • Do you have solution sets that can be used as starting points so your team knows what you do and what you don’t do?

  • Are you pricing your solutions to optimize profit and align with customer outcomes?


People & Culture

In a service-based business, people are its life blood yet many owners have never managed before. We look at several areas to determine where your business shines and where it can be improved.

  • Do you have onboarding processes that help new team members find their footing efficiently?

  • Does everyone know what the company is about and track towards that mission as one?

  • Are you delegating to your employees or have you unconsciously become a bottleneck to progress and healthy growth?

  • Do your people know what is expected of them on a daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis?

  • Have you defined job descriptions for everyone or do you have several “custom” roles that people helped define from themselves?

Marketing & Sales

In many service-based businesses, marketing is largely ignored until a new customer is needed. Equally, sales are often haphazard given the challenges of running the day-to-day operations. We look under the hood to offer suggestions on where to improve with questions like this:

  • Does your website educate prospective customers about topics they care about or does it act as a brochure that lists your services?

  • Do you have a system in place to nurture leads and prospects? Or, do you rely almost exclusively on referrals from your network?

  • Are you engaged with your community through industry events such as speaking engagements, sponsorships, workshops, etc.?

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