More than 64% of consulting firms are
started by first-time business owners


These owners are exceptionally talented people who have worked in industry or for other consulting firms.

They have the grit and confidence to build something better on their own terms and recruit a great team.

Yet, the business seems to own them. There is always a fire to put out and cash flow is anything but consistent, with little time remaining to actually work on the business.

If this is you and your team is between 5 and 50 employees, we should talk.

We want to equip you with the knowledge and tools to discover your unique purpose and capture more value. All while helping to ensure the business works for you - not you for it.


We offer multiple solutions to help you grow your firm profitably with exceptional purpose

(Packaged & Custom)

We offer workshop formats targeted at your current challenges, meeting you where you are on your journey to meaningful client relationships and value creation.

In addition to pre-packaged workshop topics, we create custom formats based on your particular audiences’ needs. If you are curious, we encourage you to brainstorm with us - melding our joint experiences to create real value.

Business Coaching
(Sounding Board)

We work with you, as the leader of your firm, to help your business become all that it can be while challenging you to grow into the leader it will need over the long haul.

We do this confidentially with advice honed by being in the trenches ourselves as past consulting firm leaders. It can be lonely as the leader of your firm - share your thoughts, frustrations, and crazy ideas with us today.